Front and Back Labeling

In the widely used process of front and back labeling; package should be delicately positioned for labeling. The most ideal solution for positioning, for the fields where the production quantity is rather low, would be semi-automatic systems. In this solution the product is placed on a simple holder and manually slid to a carrier between the applicator. At the application of the label, the product is automatically held by the system and the label positioning with high delicacy is completed. 

There are no limitations on the product size at this system. Wasted time can be kept minimum when different kinds of packaging are processed, by changing the product stabilizer in a few simple steps. In medium and high quantity productions, it is advised to set up a fully automatic system that can satisfy the maximum delicacy requirements. The system provides the perfect positioning by the synchronized movement with the conveyor. Fako Makine offers you the most suitable solutions for your packaging and application in the field of front and back surface labeling.