Cleaning Products

Packages for daily cleaning products generally consist of very different shapes. Therefore, it can be extremely difficult to apply labels to their surfaces. It is extremely important how the labels appear at the point of sale where they reach potential buyers. For this reason, the labels should be placed perfectly on the packages without any asymmetry and folding.

In the front and back surface labeling process, which is frequently used in daily cleaning products packages, the product should be fully centered at the moment that the label is applied. Generally, a maximum of three or four labels are applied to a single product. In addition to the commercial label with the brand and features of the product, there can be a label indicating content and details, a booklet label for further instructions or information, or a promotional label. Therefore, in order to integrate three or four labeling modules into the system, multiple labels must be fully applicable to the product. As Fako Labeling Systems, we produce high precision systems that are perfectly compatible with your applications.